Herbert’s Drive-In, the corner of Beverly & Fairfax, Los Angeles, 1945, in a photo by Nina Leen

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George Michael - “Freedom! ‘90”

Director: David Fincher. Yes, that David Fincher

I have a sudden urge to binge watch Crawford-era House Of Style episodes…

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To my fellow Bay Area humans:

My name is Heather Pujals and I rescued an amazing dog named Ryan nearly 4 years ago who just went missing in Daly City, CA on Tuesday, July 16, 2014. She is a SERVICE DOG who, although I never expected this when I adopted her, has the gift of being able to detect the oncomings of my debilitating migraines. I have suffered with these all my life (they run in the family) and they have always caused me to miss a lot of school and work, and they are so excruciating that I become unable to drive, leave the house, or even eat, and I am sometimes forced to stay in bed for days. With The help of Ryan’s early detection of the chemical changes in my body before a migraine hits, I can take preventative medication that 9/10 times stops the migraine from surfacing. (Migraine alert dogs are not very common yet, but they are similar to seizure alert dogs.) I need her help, and it just so happens that her separation anxiety is bad enough that she really needs me too. We are like Siamese twins and never go anywhere without each other. Pease help spread the word—even if you don’t live in the Bay Area, maybe you have friends or connections who do. Every “share” counts and the clock is ticking. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to Ryan. The longer she is out there, the higher her chances of being hit by a car (or other terrible things) become.

Mostly black with brown paws, long silky yet fluffy fur, medium size, 40 lbs, floppy ears, black spots on pink tongue, border collie mix.

Extremely shy, afraid of strangers (will not approach), will run if chased (DO NOT CHASE IF YOU SEE HER, call (408) 316-1587 ASAP and perhaps follow calmly from a distance), very sweet and loving with those she knows well, is very smart and knows dozens of commands but likely will not respond in this situation.

Last seen on Tuesday, July 16 at 12pm near St. Francis Blvd and Higate Dr., Daly City, CA 94015.
Ryan is a 4 year old spayed female who is current on her Rabies vaccination, is microchipped, and is licensed in the city of San Francisco. She was wearing a blue collar with a name tag that has my number, as well as her SF dog license.

Your “share” could make the difference to help reunite me and Ryan. I can’t stand to be away from her and I know she is suffering too. Thank you.

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I guess the British Sunbeam Tiger falls just short of being an iconic car.  Manufactured for only three years (1964-1967), it was poorly marketed and there were problems finding an engine for it after the company was bought out by Chrysler.  A pink version was given to Playboy Playmate Jo Collins, while the brilliant comedy series “Get Smart”- an over the top parody of James Bond films- also featured one in its opening credits.  The actor who starred in the show, Don Adams, kept the car after the show ended and left it to his daughters in his will.  Apparently, he didn’t much care for the show.  In the end, my connection to this cute roadster is the shiny model they used for the ill-fated film remake of “Get Smart” that starred Steve Carrell and was partially shot at my school.  It was used for only one scene, but they parked it in the middle of the Arts building, where Leonard Cohen once thought of poetry about death and Grimes once thought of a Religious Studies class and her career.  Spotting a tiny memory of our childhoods (the younger employees saw the show in reruns), we gathered around it taking pictures with suave grins like the perpetual teenagers everyone should remain to some degree.

James Bond drove the less beefy Sunbeam Alpine in Dr. No.

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BOND IS BACK. Bond 24 now In production…

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What if Moneypenny was secretly James Bond all along?

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Aaron Rose spent three summers in the early nineteen-sixties photographing the beaches of Coney Island. Take a look at his photos:

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Bow down, mere mortals… it’s Jennifer Saunders’ birthday!